[rrd-users] Re: graphs with dates.

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Fri Jul 20 01:41:06 MEST 2001

Vivas Inga, Yovana Mery wrote:

> Hi, I'm making some graphs to some of our customers and they are historical
> graphs, made each seven days, so when I get the graph ,of two months ago for
> example,I just see the days of that week, is there a way to include de day
> of the month into the same graph?

You could try and use the --x-grid option.

Suppose you'd like major grid lines each midnight, base grid lines
each 8 hours and a date in the "Jul 20" format.  You then RTFM the
rrdgraph.txt file (or the .html equivalent on the web) and spot
the docs for --x-grid.  It may be a bit hard to grasp at first,
however step by step it says:

GTM:GST:MTM:MST:LTM:LST:LPR:LFM where G?? (so: GTM, GST) are for
the grid, M?? are for the major grid and L?? are for the label.

?TM (so: GTM,MTM,LTM) specify a time unit and ?ST specify its value.

The first part GTM:GST:MTM:MST:LTM:LST has to be "HOUR:8:DAY:1:DAY:1"

LPR and LFM specify the precision and the format for the label.  You
need the date to be placed inbetween two major grid lines (as the date
is valid throughout the day).  The manual says to use 86400 in that
case for the precision.  LPR is thus 86400 and the labels will be
placed correctly.

The last thing to configure is the format.  A "strftime" format
should be used.  If you don't know what that is, just use your
favourite search engine and look for it on the web.  I use google
and can use the first link it returns.  It tells me that "%a" is
replaced by the abbreviated weekday name, "%b" is replaced by the
abbreviated month name and "%d" is replaced by the day of the month.
So, I guess I can use "%b %d" to get "Jul 20" or even "%a %b %d" to
get "Fri Jul 20" if there is enough space for this on the graph.

The complete string to use in your "rrdtool graph" script will thus
probably be "--x-grid HOUR:8:DAY:1:DAY:1:86400:'%b %d'" (without the
double quotes but including the single quotes) depending on my
accuracy (I didn't test it) and your OS / scripting language.

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