[rrd-users] Collecting one-per-day values

skantner at dsscorp.com skantner at dsscorp.com
Tue Jul 24 14:10:27 MEST 2001

Hello all,

I need to record values in an RRD that occur once per day, and subsequently
graph those values over the course of a year.  Given the following set of
sample values, I am getting rather unexpected (to me!) results as shown - I
am getting an unexpected non-zero value, and all of the timestamps are
offset 20 hours.   I have fiddled with the step and hearbeat quite a bit
without much success.  Where have I gone wrong?

       RRDs::create "downtime.rrd",
          "RRA:LAST:0.5:1:365";    # 365 days of single values

rdtool update data
    time        value
994391940: 195
994478340: 0
994564740: 0
994651140: 0
994737540: 0
994823940: 0
994910340: 0
994996740: 0

rdtool fetch downtime.rrd LAST -s 994391940

994377600: 1.9500000000e+002
994464000: 3.2364583333e+001     # why is this not zero????   why are all
returned timestamps offset 20 hours?
994550400: 0.0000000000e+000
994636800: 0.0000000000e+000
994723200: 0.0000000000e+000
994809600: 0.0000000000e+000
994896000: 0.0000000000e+000
994982400: 0.0000000000e+000

Thanks and regards,


Scott P. Kantner
Lead Systems Engineer
Distributed Systems Services

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