[rrd-users] Re: obtaining 64-bit counters

Todd Caine todd_caine at eli.net
Sat Jul 28 01:57:28 MEST 2001

This is one of the reasons why I always write my own data collectors.  This way
if the ifSpeed of an interface is over X Mbps I can grab the 64 bit counter
instead.  I also like the being able to do a couple of bulkwalks on 300+ devices
in less than 2 seconds.  I use SNMP.pm which is distributed with ucd-snmp
(Net-SNMP).  Note that Net-SNMP is not Net::SNMP.  Actually I use SNMP::Multi
which is a really nice OO interface for doing many async queries on many
devices.  We've submitted this module to the Net-SNMP coders and Mr. Marzot.
Hopefully it'll be included in future distributions.  There is another decent
SNMP module called Net::SNMP.pm which is implemented in plain old Perl.  I like
the ucd-snmp version better because it's quicker and has more hooks for the
async loop, but it does require a C compiler.  I'm getting ready to start
writing POE::Component::SNMP which will allow for async SNMP queries from POE
programs.  It ties SNMP.pm's mainloop into POE's event driven framework.  POE is
*very* cool!  (http://poe.perl.org).


Mark Boolootian wrote:

> What do folks use for obtaining 64-bit counter values from SNMP?  Is the
> Perl SNMP module the only game in town?  I'm using the net-snmp stuff (aka
> ucd-snmp, or cmu-snmp for the oldtimers).  64-bit counters are on the TODO
> list, but I couldn't find any indication as to when they might actually show
> in the code.  Given the ubiquity of gigE, one wonders why they aren't there
> already.

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