[rrd-users] Unable to create graphs using 14all.cgi

David Sawyer david.sawyer at uk.mckhboc.com
Wed Jun 20 12:20:05 MEST 2001

Instead of the graphs being created I get the following message.
"Error: Cannot create graph"

I get the directory listing at the start and I'm able to drill down to view
the day, week, month & year graphs view, but I get the above message instead
of the graphs.

I know the configs work as I am currently using the same configs for native

I have set up a main script called "RRDmain.cfg" that has include commands
pointing to my devices...

# <--- start of RRDmain.cfg --->
WorkDir: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\rrd

# START RDTOOL Add-ons -------------------------------------
# Modify Logfiles (*.log) to RRD format (*.rrd)
LogFormat: rrdtool
# RRD Executable (rrdtool.exe) location
PathAdd: c:\mrtg\rrdtool\perl-shared\t
# RRD Perl module (RRDs.pm) location
LibAdd: c:\mrtg\rrdtool\perl-shared
# STOP RDTOOL Add-ons -------------------------------------

Include: c:\mrtg\bin\warwick\war1.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg\bin\warwick\war2.cfg
etc, etc
Include: c:\mrtg\bin\newcastle\new1.cfg
Include: c:\mrtg\bin\newcastle\new2.cfg
etc, etc
# <--- end of RRDmain.cfg --->

It looks as thought 14all.cgi cannot locate the *.rrd files, but there are
no errors when running MRTG and the rrd files are being updated.

I can also create the graphs manually so that proves the configs and the rrd
files are ok.


David Sawyer
Need a Windows Daemon that allows you to change your MRTG/RRDtool scripts
without having to stop the 'Perl' process then visit

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