[rrd-users] Re: Graphing other resolutions....

Hamish Whittal hamish at QEDux.co.za
Fri Jun 22 14:53:43 MEST 2001

Hi All,

Hamish Whittal wrote:

> My RRA's are stored in a pretty standard way. 300 seconds, 1800 seconds,
> 86400 seconds, etc. When I come to graph this data, I seem only able to
> pull out the highest resolution from the RRD to graph. How do I go about
> pulling out the lower resolutions (like 1800 and 86400) and slapping
> these into a graph?

Ok, I did some reading of what Alex said to spamfilter about the graph
getting the 'best' resolution of data. I have managed to figure out most
of what he had to say, but I still don't understand the pixels thing. I
seem to get a stepped graph. This is not what I want, as it looks like
data points are plotted 'between' by real data points. Perhaps someone
would be kind enough to explain the finer points of the pixels in the

Thanks in advance

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