[rrd-users] Re: Graphing other resolutions....

Hamish Whittal hamish at QEDux.co.za
Fri Jun 22 19:09:10 MEST 2001

Hi Alex,

> By the way, RRDtool isn't storing values on a certain time, RRDtool
> is storing rates over an interval.

I realised this, but it also presents some problems, even for a GAUGE

> Example: your graph is 400 pixels wide.  You are plotting a certain
> DS starting from 12:00 today until 13:00 today.  This is 3600 seconds.
> If each interval is 90 seconds, RRDtool will plot 40 intervals and
> each interval will be shown on 10 pixels.

So, the width of the graph is not just giving the width, but also
controls how the graph looks from a 'smoothness' point of view.

> Does this help?
Yup, thanx Alex. It does. Just wondering. About my number of calls data
(telephone calls that is) (that's what I'm plotting), is it possible to
round this to a whole number. At present, I am getting 4.87 calls per 5
minutes. Since I record the # of calls every 300 secs, I should get a
whole number, ignoring this resampling thingy. So, my calls should be
able to be "recreated". How can I:
1) Graph the interval only as an interger (i.e. round it if necessary)
2) Find out the actual value at the time of reading and graph this

Currently, I take 1.6246828434e-02 * 300 and plot that. So I end with
calls per 5 min. To get calls per hour, I would need to sum 12 such
values? Yes/No.

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