[rrd-users] Re[2]: A really dorky question (Thanks and expla

Bud CTR Gordon Bud.CTR.Gordon at faa.gov
Tue Jun 26 13:06:59 MEST 2001

The little light at the end of the tunnel is starting to glow now!  Actually I
am familiar with tar but my CD writer must have truncated it (wrote to ISO not
Joliet).  Thanks I will burn it again!


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Subject:    Re: [rrd-users] A really dorky question (installing RRDtool 
Author: Mike Jackson <jacksonm at ssh.com>
Date:       6/25/2001 5:47 PM

Bud CTR Gordon wrote:
> Okay I have downloaded the file rrdtoo~1.gz and put it in my RRDtool folder,
when I run gunzip the file I am left with a rrdtoo~1 how can I "sh configure"
when there is no "configure"?  Forgive my ignorance obviously I am no UNIX

 You have obviously downloaded and saved the file with a windows system
and the filename has been truncated in the normal windows 8.3 fashion.
Before you unzip the file, rename it to rrdtool-1.033.tar.gz. Your next
command will be  tar xzvf rrdtool-1.0.33.tar.gz . You might want to look
into a beginners unix manual as well.



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