[rrd-users] VERY Handy Little Too for CISCO ROUTERSl !!

Ronald Tse ronald at vitagreen.com
Wed Jun 27 07:59:26 MEST 2001

Hi everyone,

I made a little tool called rrdutil.
It can be used to create rrds, to retrieve values from a Cisco router thru
snmp, and Graph the values retrieved. It grabs the in/out traffic + in/out
errors from your router, and grabs the description plus the peak bandwidth.

It gens png graphics, with 4 graphs per interface,
daily/weekly/monthly/yearly views. It can get the number of interfaces in
your cisco router automatically and gen the graphs !!

This little tool is produced because :
1) Very little frontends
2) Frontends too complicated to configure + install
Thus this is produced in "Pure Shell Script", no perl, no make, no
installation, no nothing.
All bash commands  :-)

Of course you have to first install rrdtool.

This is my first post to the mailing list, so maybe posting a little handy
tool should be good. It should work fine in all distros of Linux.

Only config:
Change the 3 variables entering:
rrdtoolpath=The directory where the rrdtool binary is located;
rrdbpath=The directory where the rrdatabases should reside
graphpath=The directory where the graphics generated should reside

Use cron(crontab -e) to run it every 5 mins and voila!
I just make a script like this:
./rrdutil retrieve xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx xxxx
./rrdutil graph xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx  xxxx
./rrdutil retrieve xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx xxxx
./rrdutil graph xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx  xxxx
and put the script name in crontab

rrdutil create [hostname] [snmp communiity]
rrdutil retrieve [hostname] [snmp community]
rrdutil graph [hostname] [snmp community]

Example: http://www.neosparx.com go to MRTG!

Please give comments!

Ronald Tse

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