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> Yesterday Jakob Ilves wrote:
>  | > Interesting.  How should the user interface look?  Read the bottom
>  | > paragraphs first before you answer this as it might be sufficient.
>  |
>  | The user interface, especially if multiple tiled graphs are considered
> for one single
>  | image, is definitively an open topic.  I still vote for some kind of
> script language.
> I already talked to alex about this ... my vision is that we might
> use some xml style language to setup the graph ... if we use svg
> for describing the graph, we need libxml anyways and would thus
> have the parser at hand ... at the moment I am not all to happy
> with the excessive command line language of rrdtool graph
	My feeling is that you are mad even trying... focus on the rrd
database itself and providing an api for accessing its data, and let
third-party tools deal with the graphing bit.

	Actually, that's probably exaggerating a bit; the graphing already
in RRD is more impressive than many third-party graphing tools. However, I
tend to think of the graphing part as separate from rrd itself. It would
probably pay separate them more, providing a clean API between them.
Currently it is easy to use rrd databases with other graphing tools (thanks
to fetch), but not so easy to use rrd's graph feature with other data
sources (unless you feed them into an RRD first).

	CDEF's are a handy notation for specifying complex combinations of
data from different sources, but it seems to me that raw access to this is
only available as a "side-affect" of graphing via "print". To me this seems
like a handy layer on top of the basic rrd interface that should be separate
from the graphing functionality.... 

	Perhaps the rrd, CDEF, and graphing should all be separate layers
that interact via some sort of XML file format?

	Just my 2c.


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