[rrd-users] Seg faults again

Eidmark, Andre andre.eidmark at upc.no
Fri Mar 16 09:51:04 MET 2001


I'm trying to make a graph, easy enough you say but no....
I'll just paste parts of the script here, and maybe someone sees an error
somewhere in it, or maybe not.. Either way i'd appreciate feedback, as i'm
not sure if it is my script, or if something has gone wrong during compile.

I run rrdtool 1.0.28 on a Red Hat 7.0 system.

proc rrdUpdate { hostname active } {
   global rrddir

   set rrdfile "$rrddir/$hostname.active.rrd"
   # create rrdfile if not yet existent
   if {[file exists $rrdfile] == 0} {
       Rrd::create $rrdfile --step 30 \
               DS:intMactive:GAUGE:1000:0:64000 \
               RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:86000 \
               RRA:MIN:0.5:24:720 \
               RRA:MAX:0.5:24:720 \
   Rrd::update $rrdfile --template intMactive N:$active

   set pngfile "$wwwdir/$hostname.active.day.png"
   set rrdfile "$rrddir/$hostname.active.rrd"
   Rrd::graph $pngfile --title "Active modems in the last 24H on
($hostname)" \
   --height 256 --width 480 --start -86400 \
   DEF:mactive=$rrdfile:intMactive:AVERAGE \
   AREA:mactive#0000FF:mactive \
   DEF:valuemactive=$rrdfile:intMactive:AVERAGE \
   GPRINT:mactive:MIN:Min: \
   GPRINT:mactive:MIN:%6.2lf \
   GPRINT:mactive:AVERAGE:Average: \
   GPRINT:mactive:AVERAGE:%6.2lf \
   GPRINT:mactive:MAX:Max: \

the graph-making here goes well, but if i add a
HRULE:375#0000FF:"sometexthere" \
i get a segmentation fault.. another example..

proc rrdUpdate { hostname traffic_up traffic_down } {
   global rrddir

   set rrdfile "$rrddir/h1c1.traffic.rrd"
   # create rrdfile if not yet existent
   if {[file exists $rrdfile] == 0} {
   exec rrdtool create $rrdfile --step 60 \
DS:intTrafficDown:COUNTER:1000:0:64000 \
        RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:86000 RRA:MIN:0.5:24:720 RRA:MAX:0.5:24:720 \
   Rrd::update $rrdfile --template intTrafficUp:intTrafficDown

proc wwwUpdate { hostname } {
   global rrddir
   global wwwdir
   set rrdfile "$rrddir/h1c1.traffic.rrd"
   set pngfile "$wwwdir/h1c1.traffic.png"
   Rrd::graph $pngfile --title "Bandwidth usage last 24H ($hostname)" \
   --height 256 --width 480 --start -86400 \
   DEF:trafficUp=$rrdfile:intTrafficUp:AVERAGE \
   DEF:trafficDown=$rrdfile:intTrafficDown:AVERAGE \
   CDEF:realup=trafficUp,402653184,/ \
   CDEF:realdw=trafficUp,402653184,/ \
   AREA:realup#0000FF:Upstream \
   LINE1:realup:MAX:Max: \
   GPRINT:realup:MAX:%6.2lf" \
   LINE2:realdw#00C000:Downstream \
   GPRINT:realdw:MAX:Max: \

This graph-making also generates a seg. fault, but if i remove the "CDEF's"
it's ok. The point here is to graph incoming and outgoing kbit/sec. I
collect data via snmp-mibs, and this mib is for "in/out cells".
I'm also wondering if this i do here is at all possible, or if the
db-structure prevents this.. maybe it's better to do the math on the
measurement before i enter it into the db??

Any help is appreciated..

Cheers Andre

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