[rrd-users] Is graphing the exact number possible?

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Wed Mar 28 21:31:10 MEST 2001

Hi all,

I run both "traditional" mrtg and rrdtool-backended mrtg.  I do this for an
 umber of reasons, but that's not important.  I was wondering if either 
way graphs the exact value, regardless of when the sample was taken 
in a specified time period?  The reason I ask is that I need to graph thei
 fOperStatus of a Cisco 2620 ISDN card, and it is either 0 (up) or 1 (down).  
There are 23 of these things, so I want to graph the status every 5 minutest
 o check if any of the 23 BRI channels are up.  The only way I can see tod
 o this is to poll the OID and get back a 0 or 1.  Since I don't care if the 
sample is taken 3 seconds after the allotted time period, I want to make 
sure it puts at least a 1 in the update.  Any ideas?  BTW, traps are 
configured, but I don't want to rely soley on them.

As usual, thanks for any and all ideas, even if the idea is completely 
different from the scenario I just described.


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