[rrd-users] GAUGE

Hussain Ali sha3134 at oak.njit.edu
Fri Mar 30 00:58:11 MEST 2001


Is there anyway to store a value into an RRD file without it doing some
kind estimation?

Actually i am using cricket (it collects the right data), but the rrd file
contains an estimation, even when the rrd-ds-type is GAUGE. I am looking
at rrd_update.c and see:

   349                  case DST_GAUGE:
   350                      pdp_new[i] = atof(updvals[i+1]) * interval;
   351                      rate = pdp_new[i] / interval;                  
   352                      break;
   353                  default:

so if the value is not collected at the exact interval (5 min) it makes an
educated guess as to what it should be. 

I just really want it to store the data i give it (but only for GAUGEd

Is there a hack anywhere to do this? Should there be a new type that
records simply the data you give it? 

need some help;


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