[rrd-users] RRDTOOL Create Configuration

Nuno Emanuel Rodrigues nuno.erodrigues at optimus.pt
Mon Nov 12 14:53:46 MET 2001

	I started using rrdtool 1 month ago, and i think i have a good
knowledge on the way rrdtool works.

	I am using rrdtool to show some stats about users connected to
server, space free on hd..that kind of stuff.

	I have a site with all the statistics, with 4 different graphics for
each rrd database, 1 daily intervale, weekly, monthly and yearly.

	In a 5 minute updating interval i have 4 RRAs with this

	RRA1:steps=1 ; rows = 288
	RRA2:steps=6; rows = 2016
	RRA3:steps=24; rows = 8928
	RRA4:steps=288; rows = 105120

	My intention is clear...make rrd use RRA1 for daily graph, RRA2 for
weekly.... and so on..

	The problem i have is that i loose the exact values....for example,
i cant retrieve the exact values for 25 of October.. i will get consolidated
values, 30 minutes averages.

	So i thought why not just use a singe RRA with no consolidation? 
	My question is:  with just a RRA with steps = 1 and rows =105120
(number of samples p/ year with 5 minutes updates) will rrdtool create my
graphs correctly to my 4 graphs(daily,weekly,monthly and yearly)?

	I suppose the database will take around 3 or 4 Mbs..but is not a
very big problem for me.

	And for a yearly graph, off course isnt impossible to plot all the
values, so some consolidation will have to be done...so what kind of
consolidation will rrdtool do?

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