[rrd-users] Newbie help need

David Edward Shapiro David.Edward.Shapiro at btitele.com
Mon Nov 19 23:16:03 MET 2001

Could somebody please explain in layman terms some of these components?

I have simple data:

a date and a number (time mail went out, and seconds for it to return)


What I did was collect this data for a couple weeks.  Today, I set utc_start
to equal 0 hr of today.  I have no idea what to set for counter or average
(ie., should I use 600, 200, etc.)  I also have no idea what to set for
average (1200, 1000000, 5, etc.).  I need some explaination so I logically
put in the right numbers.  I just wanted a graph showing today's data to
whatever time I run the script. The script uses 0 hr utc time and gets the
time that the script is run and converts that to utc time too.

rrdtool create mailmon.rrd --start $utc_start DS:delivery:COUNTER:600:U:U

When I create the graph, I used:

rrdtool graph mailmon.gif --width 360 --vertical-label seconds --start
$start --end $last DEF:delivery=mailmon.rrd:delivery:AV
ERAGE LINE1:delivery#FF00000:delivery

I set start to utc 0 hr today and set end to the last utc time of my data.
The graph shows on the horizontal week as a measure.  I did not expect that
at all.  I was  expecting 0 hr of the present date to whatever time I ran
the script.  I see M as a measure on the vertical.  No idea what that is.  

Please pelase help!



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