[rrd-users] numbers in the db are different from the actual ones??

Tekin Gulsen tgulsen at azerty.com
Wed Nov 28 21:06:20 MET 2001

Hello everybody,

I'm lost in a strange problem. I'm sure I missing something. The problem is
that the values in the database do not match the actual increments.

This is how I created the database: It's storing the number of database
reads (incremental) every 5 minutes
rrdtool create db.rrd --start `date +%s` --step 300

When I updated the database using a script, the updated times and the values
(9:11:42am) 1006783902:1327113
(9:16:44am) 1006784204:1337988
(9:21:46am) 1006784506:1353689
(9:26:48am) 1006784808:1372517
so the increments are; 10,875 15,701 and 18,928 respectively.

when I graph this "dbreads" field, the values in the graph are approximately
34, 46 and 58

when I did "rrdtool fetch db.rrd AVERAGE -r 300 --start 1006784204 --end
1006784900" the values were;
3.4002769356e+01, 4.6343752759e+01, 5.8749380652e+01 for these 3 intervals.

Why are the values in the database (34,46,58) so much different from the
actual increments (10,875 15,701 18,928)? When a field is defined as
"COUNTER" isn't it supposed to store the increments only?

I'd greatly appreciate any kind of help..

Thanks in advance


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