[rrd-users] RRDTool Design Considerations

Jason Frisvold Jason.Frisvold at corp.ptd.net
Fri Nov 30 17:37:12 MET 2001


	I'm creating a massive system for monitoring all of our
equipment.  This includes graphing everything from traffic to memory
usage, doing Trend Analysis on the data, 95th percentile calculations,
and Thresholding.  However, I need some information regarding rrdtool
that I can't seem to find in the documentation.

	First off, when I create the RRD's, I have to indicate what ds's
I want included.  I was considering creating a single RRD for each piece
of equipment and putting multiple (probably 20+) ds's in each.  How well
does this scale for performance?  Will the performance be severly
impacted by creating an RRD with a large number of ds's?

	Secondly, this needs to be scalable.  So, at points in the
future, I may need to add ds's to an RRD.  How is this accomplished?  So
far, the best I can tell is that I need to use rrdinfo to get all the
current settings, create a new RRD with these settings and the new ones
added, dump the old RRD to an XML file, and then write a parser to put
the old info from the XML into the new RRD.  Is there some easier way to
do this?  Does anyone currently have code that accomplishes this?

	And lastly, when using rrdfetch, is there any way to specify
which ds values to return or will it always return all of them?  Are
there plans to change this?

Thanks in advance for the info....

Jason H. Frisvold
Senior ATM Engineer
Engineering Dept.
CCNA Certified - CSCO10151622
friz at corp.ptd.net
"I love deadlines.  I especially like the whooshing sound they make as
they go flying by." -- Douglas Adams [1952-2001]

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