[rrd-users] Perl and RRDTool

Jason Frisvold Jason.Frisvold at corp.ptd.net
Tue Oct 2 04:38:51 MEST 2001

            I'm a bit new to RRDTool and I'm having a little trouble
figuring out what I need to use...  I see 2 Perl Modules.  RRDp.pm and
RRDs.pm.  From what I've read, RRDp is a piped version, and RRDs is a shared
version.  My problem is, I'm not sure what the advantage of one over the
other is.  I'm inclined to use RRDs because it seems to be more robust for
what I want to do...  Let me explain a bit further..
            I have a huge database of equipment that we track (memory,
octets, temperature, etc).  Right now I have a perl program building several
MRTG configs and firing up MRTG to collect the needed data.  MRTG is in
rrdtool mode, so it's saving all that info into RRD's.  (This is until I
have a chance to write a custom collector so I can combine info and do other
nifty things)  In another table in the database, I plan to store a listing
of options for rrdtool.  This way I can have the type of graph displayed
change based on user preference or on the type of data that I am storing.
So, I need to get the options from a database and pass them to rrdtool.
            I think RRDs is the way to go because it's not running rrdtool
concurrently as it builds whatever data it needs to...  (I know I can
start/stop at will, but it seems like more overhead to me)
            Am I correct in my thinking here?  Can someone point me in the
right direction, or at least point me to some good info on piped versus
Jason H. Frisvold
Senior ATM Engineer
Engineering Dept.
CCNA Certified - CSCO10151622
friz at corp.ptd.net
"So Long and Thanks for all the Fish" -- Douglas Adams [1952-2001]

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