[rrd-users] rrdfetch resolution

Nuno Emanuel Rodrigues nuno.erodrigues at optimus.pt
Tue Oct 23 17:21:37 MEST 2001

	I did a rrdtool fetch:
	rrdtool fetch TEST.rrd AVERAGE -r 300 -s 1003849200-604800 -e
	As you can see i tried to fetch the values from the last week
(1003849200 corresponded to the actual time) and what i got was:

	1003829400: nan nan
	1003831200: nan nan
	1003833000: nan nan
	1003834800: 4.3333333333e+00 6.3333333333e+00
	1003836600: 6.1666666667e+00 9.1666666667e+00
	1003838400: 6.3333333333e+00 8.1666666667e+00
	1003840200: 3.5000000000e+00 7.6666666667e+00
	1003842000: 6.3333333333e+00 1.0000000000e+00
	1003843800: 8.1666666667e+00 7.6666666667e+00
	1003845600: 1.0166666667e+01 5.8333333333e+00
	1003847400: 8.3333333333e+00 7.6666666667e+00
	1003849200: 6.0000000000e+00 5.1666666667e+00

The problem arent the inial nan values, since i only started this rrd
database 2 days ago, the problem is that i expected a better resolution, i
expected rrdtool to return the values with a step of 300 seconds, like i
specified, and not 1800 secs (30 minutes).

I think i created the rra's correctly, with a rrdtool info i get:
rra[1].cf = "AVERAGE"
rra[1].rows = 2016
rra[1].pdp_per_row = 6
rra[1].xff = 5.0000000000e-01
rra[1].cdp_prep[0].value = 2.9000000000e+01
rra[1].cdp_prep[0].unknown_datapoints = 0
rra[1].cdp_prep[1].value = 2.2000000000e+01
rra[1].cdp_prep[1].unknown_datapoints = 0

So, with rra[1].rows=2016, i expected to have a rra with all the values i
sent to the database in the last week (2016 corresponds to the number of
values sent in a week with a 5m interval).

This is affecting my graphs, since my weekly graph is using the result of
the fetch i showed in the start... i would like to know if its possible to
get a better resolution.

Tks alot.

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