[rrd-users] Re: 14all customization

Rainer Bawidamann rainer at bawidamann.de
Mon Sep 3 20:58:58 MEST 2001

Hi Mike!

> 1) Where can I find all the params that can be pass to the script.
>    e.g: 14all.cgi?log=test
>    Here, "log=test" is a parameter to say to the script to generate the html
>    page corresponding of target[test] in the MRTG config file.
>    Ok, fine, but I would like to know what others parameters I can pass....

Here are the params, sorted by importance:

First of all the param


defines the config file to use.

- dir=xxx

With this param 14all will show an index page with a list of the targets
that have the same "Directory[]" setting ('xxx'). No other param (besides
cfg) is looked at.

- png=graphtype

If no 'dir' param is given but a 'png' param 14all will generate a graph
and send it. 'graphtype' is something like 'daily' or 'monthly' or anything
defined in the config file with "14all*graphtype: start end expire". The
target is selected via "log=target". If a param 'small=x' is given (x can
be anything) the graph is made up as index graph (no legend, smaller ...).

- log=target

If neither 'dir' nor 'png' param but 'log' is given a statistics page for
the given target is send. Only the obvious 'cfg' param is recognized.


(i.e. no other param than 'cfg' or even no param at all)

An index page with a list of the "Directory"s and a list of targets without
"Directory" setting is shown. No other param is recognized (of course).

> 2) I would like to change a bit the graphes generated, in order to make them
> more similar than the MRTG(rateup) ones. Thus, I wish to have the same
> 'grid' behing the graph, and the same x-axis: 0 2 4 6 8 ... instead of 00:00
> 02:00 ... I know that it is possible with RRDTools graph as I have already
> made it (for example the %H option instead of %X in the --x-grid option  ...).

Many people suggested this but I haven't made a patch (ie. new version)
yet. You can add to the script a line like

     push @args, '-x', 'HOUR:1:HOUR:2:HOUR:2:0:%H';

eg. around line 361 (before the comment "# now build the graph..."). If you
think you find the optimal setting to mimic the mrtg behaviour please send
me a mail. This might motivate me to make a new 14all version ;-)

Bye ... Rainer

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