[rrd-users] Re: [mrtg] 14all customization

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Tue Sep 4 14:31:56 MEST 2001

You could always check out my page : 



>>> Mike Koch <Mike.Koch at etsi.fr> 09/03/01 10:08AM >>>

Hi everybody,

	I'm currently in the process of switching from rateup to rrdtool.
I'm using 14all.cgi as frontend. I find it very nice, however the
documentation on it is a bit scarse. Currently, it is working, but I would
like to know several things, in order to customize it:

1) Where can I find all the params that can be pass to the script.
   e.g: 14all.cgi?log=test
   Here, "log=test" is a parameter to say to the script to generate the html
page corresponding of target[test] in the MRTG config file.
   Ok, fine, but I would like to know what others parameters I can pass....

2) I would like to change a bit the graphes generated, in order to make them
more similar than the MRTG(rateup) ones. Thus, I wish to have the same
'grid' behing the graph, and the same x-axis: 0 2 4 6 8 ... instead of 00:00
02:00 ... I know that it is possible with RRDTools graph as I have already
made it (for example the %H option instead of %X in the --x-grid option  ...

Many thanks in advance.

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