[rrd-users] Re: Regarding Integration with MRTG/RRD

Paul C. Williamson pwilliamson at mandtbank.com
Thu Sep 6 15:36:27 MEST 2001

IPM is a good tool.  I have been using it on and off for a few 
weeks now.  Nice piece of the Ciscoworks RWAN suite.

MRTG can use an external program as well as SNMP.

If you want to feed values to MRTG, you can just put them out to 
the format: 
first number
second number

In RRDTool, there is a lot more flexibility.  It can take any number 
of values, as long as the RRD is set up correctly.

There is no reason IPM can't integrate.  I'd be happy to help you 
work on it, as it directly benefit me and the MRTG/RRDTool community.

As long as information can be pulled out of a database, you can take 
that information and put it into either mrtg's log files or RRDTools RRAs(
 the structures within the rrd that store the values).

Both tools are very flexible.  I would say RRDTool would be the better 
choice, but MRTG is a little easier to understand for starters.  You can 
always move over to RRDTool when ready.

These thoughts are my own.  I'm sure other people have their own opinionso
 n this as well...


>>> Venkatesh Ramachandran <rvenky at cisco.com> 09/06/01 07:33AM >>>
Hello everyone,
   I work on a Network Management tool called Internetwork Performance
Monitor, one of Cisco's set of Troubleshooting and
Monitoring applications. I was trying to integrate our application with
   I was interested in understanding the following points:

   * From the MRTG website and other web resources, i understand that
     MRTG always need an SNMP agent to get the     information. Is my
     understanding correct?
   * Can an application integrate with MRTG ? For example, can another
     application, that collects data  from the routers/switches etc..,
     supply data from its Database, in a specific format, so that MRTG
     can plot the graphs?
   * Is it possible somehow to supply data to the RRD tool from another
     Database, instead of data being collected from the device itself?
   * The RRD website talks about Frontends being developed for RRD -
     which poll network devices and put a friendly user     interface on
     it.But, i wanted to know, if we can fill the RRD tool, incase MRTG
     cannot accept data from a Database.

  It would be of great help, if you could clear my doubts.

Thanks in advance,

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