[rrd-users] Heavy-Duty RRD Usage

Chris Snell cjs+lists at aol.net
Mon Sep 17 21:46:15 MEST 2001

Hi All,

I've set up RRDtool and a heavily-modified version of Bronc here to do 
some performance and usage graphing.  Currently, I'm monitoring about 
1200 hosts with many more to come.  All was going well until today when 
I attempted to make some graphs which showed utilization of an entire 
server farm for a project.  To do this, I have a massive CDEF that adds 
up (for example) web hits from 200 different RRD files and displays them 
in a single graph.  I'm running this under Apache/mod_perl using RRDs. 
 While it /does/ work, the memory usage of the Apache processes is 
unacceptable--roughly 170M per child.  Before I started combining many 
RRD files into one graph, memory usage was down around 15M per child. 
 My question: when RRDs is run under mod_perl, does it clean up its 
memory after each call to RRDs::graph?  Does anyone have any suggestions 
for ways to slim down these processes?  I don't mind if they use this 
much memory while generating a graph but when they are finished with 
that, the memory needs to be freed.

take care,


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