[rrd-users] Re: zeroing undef values

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Fri Sep 21 17:32:21 MEST 2001

Patrick Rother wrote:

> When a new rrd files is created all values are undef and new values get
> added.


> I would like to dump all data to xml, replace all values within a given
> time range that are undef with zero, and reimport the data.

This is a solution, not a problem description.  Are you sure you want to
solve a problem with this solution or do you want to solve your problem?

If you just want to solve a problem I have an alternative solution:

Create a database that ends at the time where you want to insert zeros.
The DSes should be of type GAUGE and the heartbeat should be very high.
Now update the database: insert a zero at the time you want the zeros
to end.  RRDtool will modify each entry.  Now alter the DS type and
the heartbeat using "rrdtool tune".

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