[rrd-users] looking for comments

Greg Sarsons gsarsons at home.com
Tue Sep 25 15:49:34 MEST 2001

I've seen rrdtool in action but have never gone into using it yet so I
would like some comments from some on the list if I can.

I'm going to be doing a school project and looking a traffic that was
collected, I'm going to grab all the traffic on a busy subnet at
university and analyze it off-line.  The traffic will be stored tcpdump

Now my question I've seen what Flowscan can do but I won't have access
to any routers that provide the information.  So I was wondering if
there is anything I can use to dump traffic captured into rddtool to
have a similar graph.

My thoughts thus far .... write a perl script to take as input a
replayed tcpdump file and pipe it into perl which could then create a
text file containing the data and give that to Orca.  Each line in the
text file would correspond to  5 minute block of traffic.  Then line
would then be broken down to be tcp in/out, udp in/out etc.

Now is there an easier way to do this?  Any suggestions?

Any comments welcome both on or off the list.

Tks Greg

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