[rrd-users] Re: Calculating traffic

Matej Zerovnik - LeVaK levak at mars.eu.org
Tue Apr 2 15:29:04 MEST 2002

> Matej Zerovnik - LeVaK wrote:
> > I`m logging bandwight(kB/s) on ppp0 in adsl.rrd file and now I want to
> > calculate incoming and outgoing traffic(MB).How should I do that?
> If you multiply <something per second> with the amount of
> seconds, you end up with <something>
> You have an average measured in kilobytes per second.  You probably
> want to know the amount of traffic each month.  Display exactly a
> month, take the average and multiply by the number of seconds this
> month.  You can make the calculations a bit more easy if you always
> take 30 days; this doesn't make a big difference.
> So: 30 days times 24 hours per day times 60 minutes per hour times
> 60 seconds per minute is 2592000 seconds.
> To get bytes from Bps you need to multiply by 2592000.  However, you
> have kilobytes; to get bytes from kBps you need to multiply by 2592.
> You want megabytes so you need to divide by 1,000,000 and end up with
> a multiplier of 0.002592

I was thinking how to solve this problem. Is it possible to dump only
results? If I use rrd dump i get the whole database, but I only need results
from AVERAGE.. Can i export data when I`m making the graph? I would like to
have b/s in a file and then i would calculate all them together and send the
result to mrtg so it will draw the graph. Is that possible?


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