[rrd-users] Hack for graphics localization and correction of weeks numbers

Thierry Nkaoua tnka at linux-sottises.net
Sun Apr 7 14:55:05 MEST 2002


I wanted to have french words for week and months (and "Week") in the
graphics, but I did not find anything in the docs.

I do not know if somebody already did this, but here is a way to have
internationalization in the graphics (for linux systems)

Here are the changes to do in src/rrd_graph.c:


#include <locale.h>

in the includes at the top of the file



just before the strftime call:


change the word Week to the translation in your language in:

{3600,     TMT_DAY,1,     TMT_WEEK,1,     TMT_WEEK,1,    7*24*3600,"Week 
%W"},{3*3600,   TMT_WEEK,1,      TMT_MONTH,1,     TMT_WEEK,2,    7*24*3600,"Week

another thing I did not find in the docs is the "bad numbering" of the
weeks... week number 0 is a "computer people" thing :)))) not "everyday
life" usage... so if you want weeks begining at number 1 (as in every
calendar I saw) change %W to %V in the two lines above

after making all the changes, recompile your rrdtool

You can see the results at

I am also developping "mrtg-style" scripts for making graphics and html
pages, you can test the scripts (still in beta status, only "external
scripts can be graphed at the moment)  at:

S'il n'y a pas de solution, c'est qu'il n'y a pas de problème!

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