[rrd-users] MAX consolidation function

shane shafers at cae.wisc.edu
Mon Apr 8 19:54:45 MEST 2002

I have a question regarding the max consolidation function for rra's.  I've 
written a script to feed in software license usage statistics to 
rrdtool.  It updates every five minutes, giving the current number (an 
integer value) of users for each software package. I've been getting odd 
results though.  All of my RRA's are defined as a MAX consolidation 
function, yet when I look at the numbers stored some of them show fractions 
of users, for instance one of the values is 44.226667.  This weekend I 
monitored the values being submitted to rrdtool to make sure it wasn't an 
error in my script, but all of the numbers from this weekend are whole 
numbers.  So it appears that an average of the data is being taken 
somewhere.  Is this supposed to be part of the MAX function?  Is there an 
error in the way I'm creating or updating the rrdfiles? The create and 
update commands from my perl script are found below - each rrd contains 
information for a specific software feature's total usage and usage in 
remote labs.

`/usr/local/bin/rrdtool create $rrdfile --step 
300  DS:total:GAUGE:1200:0:600 RRA:MAX:0.5:1:300 RRA:MAX:0.5:6:500 
RRA:MAX:0.5:24:420 RRA:MAX:0.5:288:390 RRA:MAX:0.5:288:750 
DS:remote:GAUGE:1200:0:600 RRA:MAX:0.5:1:300 RRA:MAX:0.5:6:500 
RRA:MAX:0.5:24:420 RRA:MAX:0.5:288:390 RRA:MAX:0.5:288:750`

`/usr/local/bin/rrdtool update $rrdfile -t total:remote 


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