[rrd-users] Installing BINDstat

BankHacker webmaster at bankhacker.com
Mon Apr 22 20:54:27 MEST 2002

Hi, everybody,

    I need a bit of help again ... I am trying to install the BINDstat
module for RRD following the step by step instructions of

    I am trying to install BINDstat on a Linux Red Hat 6.2 and I have BIND
9.2.0 running. My IP is

    After these installation steps:

 # Activamos el servicio nrg-bindstat
 vi /etc/services
  nrg-bindstat 8888/tcp   # nrg-bindstat

 vi /etc/inetd.conf
  nrg-bindstat stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/nrg/bin/nrg-bindstatd

 # Se reinicia el gestor de servidores inetd
 cat /var/run/inetd.pid
 kill -HUP <pid_of_inetd>

 # o bien
 /etc/rc.d/init.d/inet restart

 # Probamos el servicio nrg-bindstat
 telnet 88888

    This telnet doesn´t work 8 of every 10 times ... is very odd ...

 # Aniadimos una nueva entrada en NRG.mconf para el control de DNS:
 vi /usr/local/nrg/NRG.mconf
  Directory:          /bind
  SomeNameServer:  DISCOVER_BIND

 # Refrescamos NRG:
 cd /usr/local/nrg/
 make update

    Here many errors appear, and my named server shuts down.

nrg-autoconf started:   Mon Apr 22 14:52:08 2002

Configuration Errors:
SomeNameServer: discovery failed
SomeNameServer: nrg-discover-bind: nrg-bindstat discovery failed
SomeNameServer: see autoconfs.NEW/bind/SomeNameServer.debug

nrg-autoconf finished:  Mon Apr 22 14:52:12 2002
time elapsed:           00:00:04

    Anybody could help me?

Thanks in advance.

Juan Ignacio Perez Sacristan
webmaster at bankhacker.com
Linux, Perl, PHP, MySQL ... solutions.
Zaragoza, Spain

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