[rrd-users] Re: rrdtool - windows and a 1024 command line limit - resolved

Iain Buchanan iain at pcorp.com.au
Fri Apr 26 01:25:01 MEST 2002

That will work well, but remember there are still limits to the pipe, as I
found out!  I was shoving large amount of data (600k+ samples) into one
update, and wondered why it kept producing strange results.  I figured each
update could only handle about 500 samples before the pipe was full and I
had to send a 'return' to get rrdtool to empty the pipe on the other end.
This was on BSD, I don't know the pipe size on NT, or if there is any way to
change it.


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> >>  now running into a problem with the length of the command line.  it
> seems to truncate at 1024, causing interesting syntax errors.
> I decided to go with the solution offered by Tobi (offered along with
> disparaging remarks about my choice of OS .. heh... :-)
> Tobi stated: "use rrdtool via a pipe using rrdtool - to start"
> so .. now... I write the parameters out to a file, then pipe it into
> RRDtool.exe
> Example: d:\rrdtool\src\tool_release\rrdtool.exe - < d:
> \tmp\emgtrrdtool.1820.txt
> it works :-)
> Thanks again
> Don Mahler

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