[rrd-users] Examples / Docs...

Chris Knipe savage at savage.za.org
Sat Aug 10 19:48:21 MEST 2002

Lo all,

Not wanting to sound like a pathetic lazy newbie here (Newbie to RRD I am
though, lazy I don't think), I've read through the various documentation
that comes with RRDTool over 25 times now (As well as a mini-howto I found
via google).  Either I am just really stupid, and unfortunately maths never
was my strong point - which is making my quest harder I think.

I was wondering if anyone perhaps know of some really good docs explaining
how RRD works.  I think I've managed to get the creation of the databases
under my belt, but the graphing, leaves ALLOT to be desired.  I am totally
clueless as to how to create the graphs I want, and are semi-clueless on the
creation of databases.

To give you guys a example of what I want to achieve right now (perhaps one
of you would be so kind to provide me with the code to create the db and do
the graphing - though, I'd still like to RTFM on my own)...

I want to monitor Cisco serial ports, and capture incoming and outgoing
traffic, 2yrs worth of archives.  Now that's fairly easy, I think I've
managed to get a DB for this.

Now, I want to create 4 graphs out of this information.

1) Incoming / Outgoing Traffic in the last 24hrs (MRTG Equivalent)
2) Incoming / Outgoing Traffic in the last month (MRTG Equivalent)
3) Incoming / Outgoing Traffic in the least year (MRTG Equivalent)
4) Total traffic used in the *current* Month.  With a additional line,
indicating anything below a threshold (say, 1GB) in one colour, and
everything above the threshold in a alternative colour. (Should be only from
01/01/01 to 31/01/01 for example, hence, the total traffic incoming over the
interface, for the current month it is in).

Additionally, I'd also like to know how I can export RRD's data to a CSV
type file.

I am *totally* clueless as to how I can achieve this...  The docs are good
however, I'm sure it's just me that's being rather stupid, and once I get
the proper syntax, I'm more than likely going to kick myself for not
thinking of it myself - but after battling with this for two months now, I
need to find a solution rather quickly, seeing that my deadline to implement
the system is slowly crawling nearer and nearer.

Thanks allot :-)


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