[rrd-users] fetching only non-NAN values / non verbose / extrapolating

Cheng Hu chenghu at ugcs.caltech.edu
Sat Aug 10 21:29:02 MEST 2002


Problem 4
I was wondering if there is a way to specify to fetch to print out only
those records that contain some non-NAN value.

Problem 5
I was wondering if there is a way to turn off what rrdtool writes to
stdout while in remote control mode.

Problem 6
I am using the following create command:

		  "create tcp_test_data_%lu.rrd" \
		  " --start %d" \
		  " --step 1000" \
		  " DS:congestion_window:GAUGE:%lu:0:U" \
		  " DS:receive_ack:GAUGE:%lu:0:U" \
		  " RRA:MAX:0.99:1:%u" \
		  " RRA:AVERAGE:0.99:1:%u" \
		  cd->id, UTC_1980, ULONG_MAX, ULONG_MAX,
		  TEST_DURATION * 1000, TEST_DURATION * 1000);

I was wondering since heartbeat is here set to ULONG_MAX (maximum possible
value for unsigned long), shouldn't RRDTool attempt to extrapolate all NAN
points when it fits the input data into Primary Data Points?

This is what I'd like it to do. When it fits actual inputed data to PDPs,
if for a particular step it is missing data, I'd like it to extrapolate
the point by simply making the value equal the last non-NAN value. Is
there a way to do this? (I am monitoring a variable in the kernel, so if I
get no events, that means the variable has the same value, but right now I
have to live with NAN).

Thanks and regards,
Cheng Hu

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