[rrd-users] RRDtool update isn't updating correct values

Kees Hoekzema kees at tweakers.net
Thu Aug 15 01:17:10 MEST 2002

Hey all,

First of all, sorry for posting this on the developerslist, I totally missed
the users list and thougt it was the only mailinglist available for RRDTool,
funny how fast you can miss a page.

I'm trying to use RRDtool to create some nice graphs, but one of my rrd's
won't update himself correct.

The create syntax.
    ./rrdtool create ../data/apollo.webmagix.net.cpugebruik.rrd -s 300 \
        DS:user:COUNTER:600:0:100 \
        DS:system:COUNTER:600:0:100 \
        DS:idle:COUNTER:600:0:100 \
        RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:288 \
        RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:6:336 \
        RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:24:360 \

The update syntax:
    ./rrdtool update \
        /usr/local/rrdtool/data/apollo.webmagix.net.cpugebruik.rrd \
        -t user:system:idle N:437189:41687:1254049

The values inserted with the update are seconds (from /proc/stat).  So I
expected that in the .rrd there would be values with a total of 300 (user +
system + idle = total uptime of the system; iow if I update it every 300
secs I expect it to be a total of 300 every time) But when I fetch the .rrd
i get stuff like this:

	1029347700: 1.3564594315e+00 5.9976522702e-02 5.8354189738e-01
	1029348000: 1.3445628391e+00 5.6877146042e-02 6.0188219993e-01
	1029348300: 1.3267260498e+00 5.0022853958e-02 6.2326224452e-01
	1029348600: 1.3333111111e+00 7.3255555556e-02 5.9343333333e-01
	1029348900: 1.3090513104e+00 4.9912218531e-02 6.3441410114e-01

Which isn't correct as far as I can see.

I tried a couple of things (other DS'es like GAUGE) but those also
were incorrect.

I'm using rrdtool-1.0.39 on an GNU/Linux box.

hope someone can help,
Kees Hoekzema

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