[rrd-users] Re: Some newbie-questions on rrdgraph..or not..?

Stanley Hopcroft Stanley.Hopcroft at IPAustralia.Gov.AU
Fri Aug 30 08:31:45 MEST 2002

Dear Sir,

A newbie myself ... I hope that those who know better will set me right.

On Fri, Aug 30, 2002 at 07:48:16AM +0200, John Goor wrote:
> Hello,
> I get logdata delivered every week in some ascii-format.
> I want it to be graphed by rrdtool.
> Therefore I fist have to put it in an rrd.
> So far I haven't maneger to do so.

> Is there a way to populate an rrd with "outdated" data?

Yep. You can put any data in an RRD. The trick is 

.. designing the RRD (is it GAUGE or COUNTER data etc)

.. using the rrdtool update function.

So you'd probably set the --start option to the date of the oldest data

.. setting the time stamps for each update

Probably the easiest (not necessarily) the best is increment the start 
time with the step size.

> And, is there a way to convert "normal" timestamps to the "secs since
> epoch" so I can preformat the logs before putting them into an rrd (so far
> without succes) ??

Sure. But you'll have to do some work parsing the log and extracting the 
date fields in a format that your chosen time conversion function can 
deal with.

Eg the Perl Time::Local module wants ($sec,$min,$hours,$mday,$mon,$year)

where $mday is 0 .. 7, $year is '4 digit year - 1900' and $mon is 0 .. 

Something like 

($hh, $mm) = split(/:/, $hhmm) ; 
($dd, $mon, $yyyy) = split(/\//, $ddmmyyyy) ;

$mon = ( $mon == 12 ? 11 : $mon - 1 ) ;
$yy = $yyyy - 1900 ;

if you are dealing with a programmer friendly date like 'dd/mm/yyyy'.

Perl Date::Calc may also help

> Can rrdgraph be used an a "dumb" grapher just like gnuplot, which doesn't
> care what's on the X-axis. Not all data is time-related you know.
> Thanks in advance!

Can't help with that.

I suspect not; rrdtool seems to be rooted in time series 
concepts/sampling concepts like network interface activity.
> regards,
> John

Yours sincerely.

Stanley Hopcroft

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from Meditation 17, J Donne.

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