[rrd-users] Re: Profile by time of day and day of week

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.het.net
Mon Dec 2 12:22:15 MET 2002

On Sun, Dec 01, 2002 at 11:00:06PM +0100, Luc Moreau wrote:

> To make my request even more clear (I hope), what I'm interested in is a 
>   moving average of this variable by time of day and day of week.  This 
> Monday's 10am value should be computed (for instance) as 10% of the new 
> value of that variable + 90% of last Monday 10am (unless the latter is 
> unknown, in which case I could take 100% of the new value).

This will be difficult but probably not impossible using the existing
CDEF.  It will however result in a very complex set of CDEFs.

I'm not sure if it will solve your problem but have a look at the
developers release.  Check the stuff contributed by Jake Brutlag.

> > Example CDEF:
> > 
> >    CDEF:hour11=input,LTIME,86400,%,39601,43200,LIMIT,UN,UNKN,input,IF
> I think you don't need the first reference to "input" in the above CDEF. 
>   It will be left back on the stack and RRD detects that the stack depth 
> is > 1 with the CDEF as written.  But that's a detail.  I tested with:

You're right of course.  Then again: I think I proved the concept.

> But if I try to increase the --step, at about 7200 there is nothing 
> displayed on the graph.  I think that's because I specified a 0.5 
> "xfiles factor" when creating the RRD, and a step of 2 hours when there 
> is only data for 1 hour leads to... only 50% valid data.

Uhm, not sure I understand what's the problem.
The xff setting only has to do with moving data into an RRA.
Before concentrating on the difficult stuff first make sure the
data is in the RRA as desired.  Thereafter it should be possible
to do the same as what can be done with a 1-hour resolution.


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