[rrd-users] Re: problem with manual reset - suggestion

Ketil Oftedahl ketil at oftedahl.no
Mon Dec 9 14:49:52 MET 2002

I guess you are right - but I also think entering a "U" will work (sort
When entering the "U" RRD will not be able to calulate the delta between
the last valid value and the unknown or between the unknown and the next
valid value.  This will leave a couple of unknown (NaN) values the the
archive.  rrdgraph will then interpolate to display a continuous curve
(unless the xff tells it to do otherwise).

The ideal solution would be, as you say, to tell rrdupdate that the
counter has been reset.  That way you do not loose any information -
assuming that you have stored the value before resetting.


"Pressler Florian, DI" wrote:
> It seems unlogical to me that this could work (I can't try it out at the
> moment).
> To my mind, there must be a difference between "value unknown" (which
> should lead to a gap, or interpolated data) and "value reset", which
> lets rrdtool know that the counter did NOT wrap, although it might seem
> so... How should RRDtool know, which of those options are true?

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