[rrd-users] Re: alt-y-mrtg rrdgraph option problem?

Milan Obuch milan.obuch at in.nextra.sk
Tue Dec 17 17:21:56 MET 2002

On Tuesday 17 December 2002 15:11, Fernando Nieto wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Here I'm sending three graphs, all of them are from the
> same data file.
> 1) sample-mrtg is the daily graph generated from mrtg's
>    rateup
> 2) sample-alt-y-grid is the same graph generated from the
>    rrd file with rrdgraph and setting the option
>    --alt-y-grid
> 3) sample-alt-y-mrtg is generated with rrdgraph from the
>    rrd file with the option --alt-y-mrtg
> As you can see, graphs 1 and 2 show the same values, but not
> graph 3, where for example at 12:00 Out traffic is ~2G and
> not ~1.6G.

I do not agree, data displayed are the same :), but there is bug in 
rounding/scaling data to fit the max allowed graph heigth. So data displayed 
are correct, as you can see from labels below graph - minima and maxima are 
the same, y label is incorrectly computed. But yes, from outer perspective it 
looks as bad data.

> Values represented with --alt-y-mrtg seems to be more than
> 25% higher than the true data stored.
> Does anyone know if this behaviour is normal or it's perhaps
> a bug for --alt-y-mrtg option?
Well, this is certainly not normal and should be fixed. Initially I wrote it 
as a quick hack to be able to generate mrtg-like graphs, so my web pages 
would look more uniformly even with mixture of mrtg-generated and rrd-based 
graph, but I was not that succesfull implementing it. Unfortunatelly, I have 
only near to no time now to deal with this issue, just if you would like, we 
could discuss it a bit more, maybe some solution could be found.

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