[rrd-users] adding many rows with rrdtool resize causing problems.... HELP!

Kempf, Reed rkempf at rightnow.com
Thu Dec 26 21:35:51 MET 2002

Hello everyone,

I read the list alot but haven't made too many contributions but I would
really like to know the implications of adding many rows at once over adding
a few at a time using rrdtool resize.  I found this little snippet in the
archives and it has me a little worried.

>>>On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 09:51:17PM +0200, David Amiel wrote:  > I use
mrtg & rrd to monitor my servers, but data saved for more than 2 months >
are deleted (not exctaly deleted but there are less data stocked). > I know
it's the way of running of a rrdtool database, but I would like to > change
this behavior to keep 1 year of data at least. >  > Is there a way to change
this ? if possible on the fly.  

>>>Alex wrote: rrdtool resize.  This will create another database which you
should check and, when you're satisfied with the result, which should
replace your original database.   One tip not in the documentation: don't
create many extra rows at once, just increase the amount by a few rows each
week or so.  If you don't, your "yearly" graph will look odd.  Alex

The issue is that I am trying to resize about 2000 rrdtool databases because
my requirements changed from keeping 3 months of data to keeping a years
worth of data and I would really like to do this maintenance once instead of
once per week.  The databases are continuously being written to and it would
increase the possibilities of data loss if I had to do this every week not
to mention the maintenance headache of adding rows to 2000 databases every

If anyone can enlighten me on why the "yearly" graph will look odd if I add
too many rows would be appreciated.


Reed Kempf

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