[rrd-users] New RRDserv app suite prototype

Franco Gasperino franco at gasperino.org
Fri Feb 1 23:23:56 MET 2002

Hello list,

  I've made a prototype of a new app suite wrapping the polling, graphing, and
IO functionality around RRDTool in a very slick manner. I've got it working
on a few installations, and have a test XMLRPC server up for anyone who wishes
to see at least the client side of the work.

  I've made a quick outline of what it does below. If you would be interested
in taking a peek at how it works, or grabbing it for yourself, please let
me know. Note this is for advanced admins and developers only at this point..
there are no pretty frontends for average users, and I need help from a few
people getting the web configuration section done (im not a web guy). Thanks!

 - Franco

Suite Overview

  RRDserv is a set of applications used to replace basic monitoring
programs such as MRTG, providing for more dynamic, runtime, client-based
control over graph generation.

  The purpose of the suite is to resolve common problems with most
MRTG. Some of these problems include: administrator-only driven
configuration, web-only output, lack of runtime, client-dictated
image generation, and lack of scalability.

  The applications in the suite are broken down into a handful of shared
components, plus 3 independent processes.


  This component is a process to syncronize the configuration from a
RDBMS (currently PostgreSQL) to RRDTool disk files. Configuration is
stored in the database, allowing for any number of frontend
configuration tools.


  This component is a process to handling fetching updates from hosts,
either from SNMP queries, or from custom python modules loaded at
boot time. The polling is handling in a multiprocess event system,
so individual queries can be scheduled on independent timers. Pollers
processes can be added at boot, allowing a higher degree of
scalabilty with less overhead.


  This component is a process that handles XMLRPC requests graphs
from clients, allowing for cross platform, cross language, and cross
paradigm image usage. The client request sequence may determine every
aspect about the image generated, and is abstracted from the
filesystem level layer. 

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