[rrd-users] Re: strange beavior

Un L'Unique un at pebble.2y.net
Sun Feb 3 19:31:16 MET 2002

--On Sunday, February 03, 2002 14:55:04 +0100 Tobias Oetiker 
<oetiker at ee.ethz.ch> wrote:

> Today Un L'Unique wrote:
>> > Well, mrtg contains a datastore of constant lenght. If you define
>> > an RRA of 2 years length, and have a start time of "now" the
>> > 'newest' data in the RRA will be 'now' and the 'oldest' from two
>> > years ago ... as rrdtool does not know the data from 2 years ago it
>> > is set to 'unknown'
>> Well I find this surprising: why does rrdtool agreed to give me answer
>> for something before the --start time ?
>> Anayway, my database is 1 year lenght and I am able to fetch from 1990. I
>> also got data from 1997 in the dump makeing it very large. ( after
>> removing pre 2002 line, le dump shrink from 500MB to 11MB )
> sure ... you can ask rrdtoo to give you any data youwant, except
> that the data will be returned as UNKNOWN unles there is actual
> data for the time you request ... what do you expect, should it
> crash and burn or explode ?
That would be very inefficient. I suppose a polite error "time out of rage" 
should be enough.
Hopefully I didn't see that as inportant...

My concern goes to
1) why saving 1997 line in the dump about a database with --start 20020101 
making a very hug dump ?
2) why do I need more than 14H to restore 8000 row ?
3) last but not least, how do I remove/change an entry ?

That seem very strange so I am searching where I am wrong...



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