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Frank Swasey Frank.Swasey at uvm.edu
Mon Feb 4 17:10:41 MET 2002

Today at 4:30pm, Javier Bartual wrote:

> rrdtool create file.rrd -s 900 \
> DS:Totales:GAUGE:1800:U:U \
> DS:Westlaw:GAUGE:1800:U:U \
> DS:Institu:GAUGE:1800:U:U \
> RRA:LAST:0.5:1:35040

> When I graph the values during the last week I get the results every 15
> minutes, but when I graph all the year no ( the results I get don´t
> change every 15 minutes). I suppose there´s something wrong in what I´m
> doing, but I don´t know what.

> YEAR graph:
> rrdtool graph year.gif -s -31536000 -h 200 -w 800 --vertical-label

My understanding here is that you have asked rrdtool to graph 35040
individual points in 800 pixels of space... that means you have
35040/800 individual data points and each of those data points is going
to show you about 11 hours worth of summarized data....

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