[rrd-users] RRD general info about length of storage

Clay Jones clay at clay-jones.com
Tue Feb 12 20:20:46 MET 2002

I'm new to RRD, and I've only been able to infer the following assumptions
from the documentation:

1.  RRD will store data until it is rolled-up or archived in a RRA.  I.E. If
not specified with 'max', there is no limit to the number of data points to
be stored aside from the RRA specification.

2.  If there are multiple RRAs, RRD will store the data for the "longest"

I'd like to confirm these assumptions.  Here's an example:

I store CPU% every 5 minutes, and I want a weekly, monthly, and yearly
average, min, and max graphs.

Weekly = 12/hour * 168 hours/week = 2016 Data points per week
RRA = only 1 point stored each for average, min, max, etc.

Are the monthly and yearly RRA's calculated off of the weekly avergages, or
does the RRD keep data for up to 1 year?  For example:

Year = 12/hour * 8760 hours/year = 105,120 total Data points stored in RRD
per year
RRA = only 1 point stored for yearly average, min, max, etc.

Are these numbers an accurate representation of how the data is stored?



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