[rrd-users] newbie dumb question

Jackson Lancaster jlancaster at integrate-u.com
Thu Feb 21 22:24:33 MET 2002

Im polling a Netscreen firewall for flowcounter values.  These values 
are the same type as inOctets outOctets.  When I do an RRD: :Update, 
only the last interface polled data shows up in an 'rrdtool dump' and it 
only shows in the last_ds field.  Am I incorrect in assuming this value 
should be in the "Value" field instead of zero.  BTW this only shows 
when I create an RRD  using counter, gauge or derive.  My main question 
is what does rrd do when I update my values?  I have seen in the lists 
that it  does some math by default on my values.  If so which cf types 
do auto math functions on the data?  Also which is the correct update 
type to use if I want to graph the differences b/t 2 variables.  No 
flames please.  Im just not understanding how all this works and the 
tutorials dont seem to help much.

Jackson Lancaster, CCNP
Integrated Computer Solutions
334.270.2892 x.15

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