[rrd-users] Consolidating at a higher level

Jesus M. Salvo Jr. john at softgame.com.au
Mon Feb 25 05:35:05 MET 2002

I have an RRD database wherein data are input every hour, and I have 3 RRAs
which averages the primary datapoints on an hour, day, and week. The RRA for
each hour, of course, does not really average it because I am already using
a --step of an hour and I use 1 data point in the RRA of the hourly average,
like so:

    RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:$hourCounts \
    RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:24:$dayCounts \

Now my question is, there is a need to have a graph wherein the we should
total the hourly figures for the day and produce a graph for that day, so
that when the graph is made, the line between minor x-grids will always be a
straight line.

My questions are:

1) How can I tell rrdgraph / rrdcreate to TOTAL the hourly figures for each
day? Is this achieved via the LAST consolidation in rrdceate, like this:


( Just tried LAST. It does not seem to be the answer ).

2) If the [1] is correct, then this next question is answered by using LAST
as well when graphing. If not, how can I tell rrdtool to graph so that
hourly values are SUMed up to daily values, so that the graph between two x
minor grids is a straight line?


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