[rrd-users] Re: Newbie: rddcgi graph

Johnny.LEON at us.socgen.com Johnny.LEON at us.socgen.com
Wed Jan 23 18:33:29 MET 2002

Thank you very much Jan. That did the trick. What I did was put a path in the
RRD::GRAPH tag to create the image in a different directoy and made that
directory write-able by apache so it is able to create the image. I then linked
the img src approriately and presto! Your hunch was right that apache seems to
try to execute all files in cgi-bin as executables.

Thanks bunches for all those that put in suggestions :)

PS It seems as though the rrdcgi script does not need Context-type: text/html to
produce the web page. It might probably be built in or something. I'm just
starting to dabble in cgi, so thanks to those that bared with me.

>>I suspect that what is happening is related to the directory that your
rrd.cgi file is in.  It sounds from your message like you've put the
rrd.cgi file (the one containing html plus the RRD directives) in the
web server's cgi-bin directory.  This is a problem.

Here's what happens... the rrd.cgi script runs and creates the graph
file(s) (also in the cgi-bin directory).  Now your browser tries to
download the image, but the web server thinks that everything in the
cgi-bin directory is a cgi program (you make it worse by making the
image file executable).

The solution is to have your rrd.cgi script in some other directory in
the doc root.  Add directives to your web server config file to have
any files ending in .cgi be considered as cgi scripts.  The images
created will not end in .cgi, so they will be served up as normal image

Good luck.

Jan L. Peterson
<jlp at softhome.net>

Johnny H. Leon

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