[rrd-users] RRDs:graph / windoze - size graph still a problem

gOdot godot at skynet.be
Mon Jul 1 19:26:39 MEST 2002

When using win2k and RRDs:graph (not the .exe), the exemple below does not
Does anyone tried to use RRDs from windoze?

>'-h526 -w2500',
GIF Size: 495x624

> '-h600 -w800',
GIF Size: 495x698

> '-h2500 -w10000',
GIF Size: 495x2598

here are part of the script :

my @options = ("-b", $START, "-s", $STEP,

RRDs::create $RRD1, @options;

<fill in>

 my ($graphret,$xs,$ys) = RRDs::graph $GIF, "--title", 'Test GRAPH',
    '--base', '1024',
           '-h1200 -w1600',  "tried ' and "
          "--vertical-label", 'Dummy Units', "--start", (-$RUNS*$STEP),
          "--end", $time,
	    "--interlace", "--imgformat","GIF",
          "GPRINT:calc:MAX:Max calc %1.2lf",
          "STACK:beta#00b871:Demo Text",
          "GPRINT:calc:AVERAGE:Average calc %1.2lf",
          "STACK:beta#0ad871:Demo Text 2",
          "LINE1:gamma#ff0000:Line 1",
          "LINE2:delta#888800:Line 2",
          "LINE3:calc#00ff44:Line 3",
          "LINE3:epsilon#000000:Line 4",
          "HRULE:1500#ff8800:Horizontal Line at 1500",
          "PRINT:alpha:AVERAGE:Average Alpha %1.2lf",
          "PRINT:alpha:MIN:Min Alpha %1.2lf",
          "PRINT:alpha:MAX:Max Alpha %1.2lf",
          "GPRINT:calc:MIN:Min calc %1.2lf";
          "VRULE:".($now-3600)."#008877:60 Minutes ago",
          "VRULE:".($now-7200)."#008877:120 Minutes ago";



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>   When using from a perl script the -h et -w options (for test, I used to
> "shared-demo" )...
>   off course, the size is not *exactly* respected... but I can get a graph
> i.e. 640*480.
>   Does  anyone ever tried to generate large graphs ?


Creating a 10000 x 2500 graph:

/usr/bin/rrdtool graph /tmp/9-year.gif
 -w 10000 -h 2500
 COMMENT:"                   Avg       Max   Current\n"
 LINE1:calcedline72#0000FF:"1 minute"
 GPRINT:calcedline72:AVERAGE:"    %6.2lf %s"


No problem... (it only takes some time...)


Geert van der Ploeg

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