[rrd-users] Re: mrtg-rrd page refreshing

Jay Borkenhagen jayb at braeburn.org
Mon Jul 1 19:33:22 MEST 2002

>> My problem [with mrtg-rrd] is that after loading a page, it soon
>> refreshes with just one of the component PNGs.  [...]

Gerhard> This first depends on the caching mechanism of your
Gerhard> browser.  [...]

I have now been in touch with mrtg-rrd's author Yenya, and it indeed
looks like a caching problem in my browswer, Netscape Navigator 4.77.
So far IE handles it OK, but I'll test a couple other browsers, too.  

I didn't have this problem with NN 4.77 and MRTG because MRTG uses a
different refresh mechanism than does mrtg-rrd.

>> I do sometimes need to watch my MRTG in real time, to make sure
>> that changes I make result in the desired traffic adjustments, so
>> getting this fixed is pretty important to me.

Gerhard> If you want it "real time" you have to use commands on the
Gerhard> shell. [...]
My poor choice of words: obviously MRTG is not "real time", but I
meant I sometimes need to keep current with a particular graph,
watching it refresh over several minutes to hours.

					Jay B.

  Jay Borkenhagen     jayb at braeburn.org

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