[rrd-users] 14all.cfg? Whazzat?

John Oliver joliver at john-oliver.net
Wed Jul 17 01:41:10 MEST 2002

I created an index page for RRDTool graphs with indexmaker.  The
resulting page doesn't work... the links to what are supposed to be the
index graphs are all broken, and the links don't work.  An example:

</TD><TD><DIV><B>Traffic Analysis for Router10 FastEthernet</B></DIV>
<DIV><A HREF="/cgi-bin/14all.cgi?log="><IMG BORDER=1
ALT=" Traffic Graph"

is the code generated for one target.  "&png=day.s&small=1" looks like
gibbersish to me... :-)  And the A HREF targets result in an error about
/etc/mrtg/14all.cfg missing.  Searching Google and the list archives for
14all.cfg resulted in qite a few snippets like:

### where the mrtg.cfg file is
# anywhere in the filespace
#$cfgfile = '/home/mrtg/mrtg.cfg';
# relative to the script
#$cfgfile = 'mrtg.cfg';
# use this so 14all.cgi gets the cfgfile name from the script name
# (14all.cgi -> 14all.cfg)
$cfgfile = '';

but nothing else.  I don't have one single mrtg.cfg file... I have a
bunch of 'em.  I can't find any documentation on what "log" is for
14all.cgi, and there's certainly no file called "".
There's a, but editing the HTML to reflect that
doesn't work, either.

John Oliver                                    http://www.john-oliver.net/
joliver at john-oliver.net                    http://www.mrtg-monitoring.com/

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