[rrd-users] help with RRD update

Anthony Mendoza anthony at embracenetworks.com
Mon Jul 22 06:53:02 MEST 2002

Hello all, wanted to find out if anyone can spot anything screwed up 
with what I have going on.

Below is a small script I'm using to collect data every 5 minutes:

# check extreme temp

MTEMP=`snmpget -m ALL -c public morphine .enterprises.1916. \

         | awk -F= '{print $2}' | sed 's/ //'`
CTEMP=`snmpget -m ALL -c public cocaine .enterprises.1916. | \
         awk -F= '{print $2}' | sed 's/ //'`
UTEMP=`snmpget -m ALL -c public steroids . \
| awk -F: '{print $2}' | sed 's/ //'`

#echo "[${MTEMP}]:[${CTEMP}]:[${UTEMP}]"
rrdtool update $RRDHOME/temp_data.rrd -t morphine:cocaine:steroids


(line wrapping may be munged..)
in short, the echo line I've been using for debugging and what I've
found is the 3 variables always have values, yet the rrdtool update line
shows the following in the database via:

rrdtool fetch temp_data.rrd AVERAGE

(small subset of data)

1027308300: 4.1993333333e+01 3.7000000000e+01 3.0000000000e+01
1027308600: 4.1010000000e+01 3.7000000000e+01 3.0000000000e+01
1027308900: 4.1000000000e+01 3.7000000000e+01 nan
1027309200: 4.1993333333e+01 3.7000000000e+01 nan
1027309500: 4.2000000000e+01 3.7000000000e+01 nan
1027309800: 4.2000000000e+01 3.7000000000e+01 nan
1027310100: 4.2000000000e+01 3.7000000000e+01 nan
1027310400: 4.2000000000e+01 3.6006666667e+01 nan
1027310700: 4.1013333333e+01 3.6000000000e+01 nan
1027311000: 4.1000000000e+01 3.6000000000e+01 nan
1027311300: 4.1000000000e+01 3.6000000000e+01 nan
1027311600: 4.1000000000e+01 3.6000000000e+01 nan
1027311900: 4.1000000000e+01 3.6000000000e+01 nan
1027312200: 4.1000000000e+01 3.6000000000e+01 nan
1027312500: 4.1000000000e+01 3.6000000000e+01 nan
1027312800: 4.1000000000e+01 3.6000000000e+01 nan
1027313100: 4.1000000000e+01 3.6000000000e+01 nan

what can I do to stop getting the nans for the 3rd value?
Anthony Mendoza
IT & Customer Support
anthony at embracenetworks.com
t: 408-585-5612 / c: 408-314-5038
p: 888-886-7205 / f: 208-247-5501

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