[rrd-users] Monthly questions again...

Isaac isaac at netos.com
Mon Jul 29 18:46:29 MEST 2002


Hmm... well, I read Alex's and some other people's advice and it mostly made

Then we tried some stuff.  What I don't get is this: Our numbers are way off
the router's counters for the respected interface we are watching.

We did a "clear counters [interface]" on our Cisco 7500 router where this
particular point to point customer was terminating.

We noted the time.  It was 1:35 pm PDT.  We then watched it for a 24 hour
period and got the numbers for bytes moved off of the router interface for
that 24 hour period for IN and OUT.

This was done with a simple "sh interface foo"

Then we fetched data from the .RRD and the numbers for inbound and outbound
were off by over 1 Megabyte for just a 24 hour period.

Here's the data:

INBOUND from Router's Counter: 134472313

INBOUND from RRD: 135519035.148

Excel Sheet Method [explained at bottom of this email]: 135855200.42

We were Off: 1046722.148 (1.05MB)


OUTBOUND from Router's Counter: 217643750

OUTBOUND from RRD: 219438500.976

Excel Sheet Method: 220948884.67

We were Off: 1794750.976 (1.79MB)


Note using the Excel method: rrdtool fetch... Paste each column in, for each
row, multiply by 300, add up the numbers. This is more similar to the method
used in Steve Shipway's routers.cgi.

The excel sheet method seemed more to like what Alex was suggesting and we
were still off.  Very confusing.

The command I used to grab the Bytes from the RRD was:

serengeti# cat working-cmd-day-stdout-OUT
./rrdtool graph /dev/null DEF:outoctets=myrouter.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE
CDEF:out=outoctets,8,* PRINT:out:AVERAGE:"%lf"

(I had read that the default time frame was 24 hours so this worked fine)  I
just took this number and divided by 8 to give us bytes.

Any ideas as to what this all means would be *greatly* appreciated.



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