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Warnes, Jason SDH warnesj at sdh.sk.ca
Sat Jun 22 04:51:40 MEST 2002

This email message happened before I was a member of this list, but I found
out what your problem was.  The Perl Time::Local library it's assuming your
month range is between 0-11.  So if you're not subtracting one from your
month there will be a calculation error.  I just ran into this same problem
and spent the last hour trying to figure it out.  I hope this helps.
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Sent: April 3, 2002 8:56 PM
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Hi, I have a problem with date in my graphics. 
rrdtool 1.0.35. 
Using perl convert a timestamp date with timelocal function, but in graphic
display the wrong day and week. 
This data is take in 01-04-02 the day should be a Monday, but in the graphic
see Wensday. and week is wrong too. 
the problem es with day,week and mounth, but hour and minute is good. 
use Time::Local; 
$totalseg = timelocal($sec,$min,$hora,$dia,$mes,$ano); 
Any help would be greatly appreciated 
Sorry my english is no very good. 
DAY 01-April-02 
Javier Chirino
Network Operations Center
Intercom El Salvador
jchirino at sv.intercomnet.net

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